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Halle Berry Is Currently Quarantining In Montreal & Trying To Live Her 'Best Life'

She's enjoying a beautiful view of the city.
Halle Berry Is Currently Quarantining In Montreal & Enjoying A Beautiful View Of The City

Keep your eyes peeled — in a couple weeks at least. Halle Berry has officially arrived in Montreal to (apparently) film her new movie Moonfall, directed by Roland Emmerich.

The A-list actress posted a photo to Instagram with the caption "hello Montréal," with a view of the city and foliage of Mount Royal in the distance.

In response to a comment under the post, Berry explained that she's in quarantine as per government rules for travellers entering Canada.

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I'm in quarantine right now !!! tryna live my best life while doing so!

Halle Berry

She told one commenter that she's trying to make the most of her time inside.

Based on her surroundings, it looks like she's staying at the Roccabella condos on boulevard René-Lévesque. But we can't confirm.

According to IMDb, Moonfall will be a sci-fi film with an interesting premise: "a space crew travels to the moon after it's struck by an asteroid and is sent on a collision course with Earth."

Berry is not the only celebrity that is going to appear in the film. Patrick Wilson and Stanley Tucci are both part of the impressive cast.

The actress is already pretty familiar with Montreal. She reportedly used to own a home in Quebec.

Moonfall filming is set to wrap up by the end of January 2021, according to ACTRA.

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