Just a few days into Quebec's curfew and we've already heard tail (pun very much intended) of some interesting excuses, including one case in which a woman allegedly tried to get around the curfew order by walking another person on a leash.

The incident was first reported by La Tribune and confirmed to MTL Blog by Sherbrooke police spokesperson Isabelle Gendron.

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According to the police account, officers approached two individuals around 9:00 p.m. on January 9 to warn them of the curfew order.

The officers found that one of the individuals, a woman, was walking the other on a leash. 

Police say she claimed she was walking her dog and was thus covered by a curfew exception

Gendron says the individuals were uncooperative and happy to receive a ticket, even claiming they wanted to see how many they could get and suggesting that they'd continue to break the rules.

For the record, Quebec's dog-walking curfew exception makes no mention of possible human substitutions.

Dog-walkers also have to stay within one kilometre of their homes if they go out after curfew.

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