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Quebecers Might Be Able To Save Christmas If You Cancel Your Thanksgiving Plans, Dubé Says

He asked everyone to limit all social contacts.
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Thanksgiving In Quebec Should Be Cancelled In Order To Save Christmas, Dubé Says

In response to a question from a journalist during a press conference on Thursday, Health Minister Christian Dubé made clear that he thinks we should cancel Thanksgiving plans in Quebec to give us a chance to save Christmas. 

"If I have a choice, I would prefer cancelling a lot of those [gatherings] in the next few weeks to make sure that we have a nice Christmas," he said.

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If we cancel activities like that [...] we have a better chance to have a good Christmas.

Health Minister Christian Dubé

The call to cancel Thanksgiving gathering plans came after Dubé asked Quebecers to limit all social contacts in the next few weeks.

"No matter which region you are in right now, no matter the [COVID alert] colour code, I'm asking you to make an effort to minimize your social contacts," he said.

He suggested that fewer contacts might be able to "break the wave."

National Public Health Director Dr. Horacio Arruda confirmed on Wednesday that we're at the beginning of the second wave.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau later echoed that statement during a national address.

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