The Fall View From The Top Of This Quebec Mountain Is Like A Sea Of Fire (PHOTOS)

It might have the best views in the province.
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The Fall View From The Top Of This Quebec Mountain Is Like A Sea Of Fire (PHOTOS)

Look closely and you might notice a hint of yellow and brown in the leaves. In the blink of an eye, Quebec's emerald green forests will transform into seas of fiery oranges, blood reds, and brilliant yellows. You'll need a high vantage point to fully appreciate them. And for that, head to Mont-Orford.

The national park is one of the best spots in the province to take a fall hike and get spectacular, panoramic views of the foliage.

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As Sépaq puts it, "hiking is definitely the best way to discover Parc national du Mont-Orford. It's the perfect way to get access to numerous viewpoints, which are said to be among the most spectacular of the Eastern Townships region."

"In the fall, the forest presents a show featuring the flamboyant colours of the sugar maples."

The best route for fall colours is also one of the easiest.

L'Étang-Fer-de-Lance trail, a 3.5-kilometre loop, takes hikers right into the park's maple forest, culminating in a "superb panoramic view."

There are more difficult options, too, for more experienced hikers.

The 9.4-kilometre Ruisseau-des-Chênes trail along the eponymous stream guides visitors through a beautiful beech forest.

The most daring expert rock-climbers, however, should check out the Pic aux Corbeaux, an unsupervised, steep rockface for cliff and boulder-scaling (for climbers with training only).  

Those looking to make a weekend out of the trip and embark on even more hikes also have their pick of three campsites.

Whatever your path, be sure to be on the lookout for wildlife. Sépaq says "the park is notably home to white-tailed deer and Great Blue Heron."

Photos posted to Instagram offer a hint of the magnificent beauty that awaits at the park.

Day visits cost $8.90 per adult. Reservations must be made in advance online.

Get all the details below.

Hiking At Mont-Orford

Price: $8.90 per adult

Address: Visitors Centre, 200, Chemin du Camping,
Orford, QC

Why You Need To Go: For some of the best fall views in Quebec.

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