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The Quebec Government Says There's A Possibility It Won't Allow Holiday Gatherings

"We... need to keep the pandemic under control until Christmas."
Contributing Writer

Premier François Legault took today to remind Quebecers that if COVID-19 cases in the province rise during the upcoming weeks, the permitted gatherings between December 24 to 27 that the Government of Quebec has allowed may not be possible.

"We... need to keep the pandemic under control until Christmas."

Legault says the government is "following the situation very closely, every day."

Editor's Choice: Quebec Just Broke Its Record For Most New COVID-19 Cases Reported In One Day

If our numbers increase too much, we won't allow gatherings.

Premier François Legault

Today, on November 26, Quebec broke its record for the most daily COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic: 1,464.

During his conference, the premier yet again reminded Quebecers that during these four permitted days to gather (as of right now), only two are meant to be used. 

He calls this the "moral contract," which is a "recommendation of Public Health authorities."

"We also ask Quebecers to be careful one week before and one week after. It means staying home as much as possible and when that's impossible, you should keep a distance of two metres with other people and wear a mask when you're indoors," Legault said.

"We have no magic answer, we need to minimize the risk as much as possible."

As always, the premier ended his message on a relatively positive note, saying "With the vaccine, hope is there, but the battle is not won." Legault said now is no time to give up our efforts from the last few months.

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