9 Heirs And Heiresses To Canada's Richest Families

There's plenty of old money families in Canada that have children who are living it up because of their family name. With plenty of heirs and heiresses to vast Canadian fortunes, some of the last names you see on here won't come as any surprise to you! 

Families such as Rogers, Weston, and Bitove often appear on "richest Canadians" lists. Some of the heirs and heiresses listed here are worth billions. And keep in mind, many other children, grandchildren, and the like are out of the public eye. We couldn't even find some of their names! 

If you've ever wondered who are the richest heirs and heiresses in Canada, keep on reading!

Frank Walker

The son of Magna International CEO, Donald Walker, is a known DJ and Instagram personality. Originally from Aurora, Ontario, Frank Walker is often seen partying it up with celebrities and DJing in Toronto's nightclubs.

His father's company, Magna International, had a revenue of $40.8 billion in 2018.

Chloe Katz

Chloe Katz is the daughter of Daryl Katz, CEO of the Katz Group, owners of the Edmonton Oilers along with many other business ventures. Chloe lives a jet-setting life and is always on vacation somewhere.

Her father Daryl has a net worth of $3.1 billion, making him the 12th wealthiest person in Canada, according to Forbes.

JJ Wilson 

JJ Wilson is the son of Lululemon Athletica's CEO Chip Wilson. JJ has started off on his own and helped start Kit and Ace, an internationally known clothing brand based in British Columbia. The company was sold in 2018.

His father, Chip has a net worth of $3.8 billion.

Chloe Rogers

Chloe Rogers is the daughter of Rogers Communications Chairman, Ed Rogers. Her family is known to be one of the top richest families in Canada. Chloe is a signed and published model for Elite Modeling and currently attends fashion school in London.

The Rogers family is worth an estimated $11.57 billion.

Brett Bitove

Brett is the nephew of Toronto Raptors and Sirius XM Radio founder John Bitove. He can often be seen cheering on his Raptors and attending various sporting events all around the world.

The Toronto Raptors are valued at $1.7 billion.

Jenna Bitove Naumovich

Brett Bitove's cousin, Jenna, is a personal stylist and Instagram personality who's often seen at Raptors games as well. She's expecting her first child.

Nikki Walker

Nicole Walker is Frank Walker's little sister and daughter of Magna International tycoon, Donald Walker. She's a noted equestrian rider who has won many awards.

Her father is one of the highest paid CEOs in all of Canada.

Tessa Thomson

The daughter of Canada's richest family, Tessa Thomson is currently a student at the University of Miami according to her Linkedin profile.

Her father is David Thomson, chairman of Thomson Reuters, one of the largest mass media corporations in the world. He is worth an estimated $30.7 billion, making him Canada's richest person.

Graydon Weston

Graydon Weston is the young 10-year-old son of Galen Weston Jr. and the grandson of Galen Weston. His father is the CEO of Loblaws and his grandfather is the chairman of the company, along with the Selfridges Group. It's safe to say that Graydon is set for life.

His grandfather's net worth is $11.3 billion, making him the second richest person in Canada.