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15 cm Snow Warnings Have Been Issued In Parts Of Quebec & Some Schools Have Closed

A rough way to start the week for some parts of the province...

There Are Currently 15 cm Snow Warnings Issued In Quebec And Some Schools Have Closed

Winter is here, folks. There's officially no denying it — and we've got the snow warnings issued in Quebec, Abitibi and part of Northern Quebec to prove it.

It's starting off as quite an eventful week weather-wise for Quebecers in the northwest of the province. Nearly 15 centimetres are expected in the areas of Amos, La Sarre, and Matagami until Monday evening.

"Rapidly accumulating snow could make travel difficult over some locations. Visibility may be suddenly reduced at times in heavy snow," Environment Canada warned.

Strong winds accompanying the storm are expected to reach 60 km/h, according to The Weather Network, causing blowing snow and significantly reduced visibility on roads. So, it's best to avoid driving if you happen to be in these areas.

Due to these conditions, the Centre de services scolaire Harricana has decided to close all 27 preschool, elementary, secondary and vocational schools on its territory.

"There is no school for students. The day care services remain open," the Centre de services scolaire Harricana confirmed in a Facebook post on November 22.

Only adult general education schools will be continuing to hold classes as usual.

Other warnings have been issued by Environment Canada for the other side of the province, where it is not snow that is expected but rain and high winds.

Gusts of up to 100 km/h are expected on the Basse-Côte-Nord, and the major low-pressure system crossing the Maritimes will leave up to 80 millimetres of rain behind it, particularly on the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula and Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

At the time of writing this article, there were no weather warnings issued for Montreal.

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