Parts Of Quebec Could Get Dumped With 10+ cm of Snow This Week, Environment Canada Warns

There's a special weather statement for Montreal.

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Parts Of Quebec Could Get Dumped With 10+ cm of Snow This Week, Environment Canada Warns

Time to mentally prepare for "significant snowfall." Environment Canada has put out a special weather statement warning of the possibility of a snow dump in Quebec this Friday.

"A low pressure system from the Great Lakes will move to lie over Southern Quebec on Friday morning," the federal agency said in the statement. "Precipitation associated with this system will reach Southern Quebec on Thursday evening and Central Quebec on Friday."

The statement covers much of southern Quebec, stretching from Gatineau to Quebec City and the Chaudière-Appalaches region.

Environment Canada

Some areas could see more than 10 centimetres of snow by Saturday, though other parts of the province could see some rain too.

However, Environment Canada says its "computer model guidance still [shows] significant variability as for the system's track." So it's still unclear exactly where the incoming low-pressure system will strike and, "The scenario could still change significantly."

The agency says to continue monitoring its forecasts and alerts.

In any case, as a nice little preview, parts of the North Shore, including Mascouche and Joliette, are under a freezing rain warning Thursday morning.

This possible snowfall is obviously just the beginning.

AccuWeather's Canadian winter forecast shows La Niña affecting Quebec and Ontario this year.

The effects of the weather phenomenon plus what AccuWeather and meteorologist Brett Anderson called the "polar jet stream" could produce above-average snowfall in both provinces during the cold months.

Temperatures, meanwhile, could be above average too, according to AccuWeather.

Whatever the actual snowfall totals this week, it's definitely — unfortunately — time to get out some waterproof shoes.

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