Quebec Winter 2021-2022 Weather Is Expected To Be Full Of Snowstorms

The climatological phenomenon "La Niña" will play a major role in this winter's weather.

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Quebec Winter 2021-2022 Weather Is Expected To Be Full Of Snowstorms

The temperatures we feel every day have all kinds of factors at play. And when it comes to Quebec winter 2021-2022 weather, the climatological phenomenon known as "La Niña" is expected to play a major role in the overall weather pattern, according to meteorologist Brett Anderson.

"La Niña" is a phenomenon in which "hot water temperatures far out in the Pacific Ocean can influence weather patterns thousands of miles away."


While La Niña will have different effects on different geographical locations, in Quebec and Ontario, its impact will involve increased snowfall.

"Anderson said fans of snow in those heavily-populated areas can thank the polar jet stream for that increased snowfall," AccuWeather said.

And with this, the majority of snowstorms in Canada are expected to occur in Quebec and Ontario. So get your snow pants ready!

But on the other hand, Anderson claimed "this winter does not look all that cold from Ontario to Quebec." Just cold enough for us to get a good ski season in.

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