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A Study Revealed The Most Common Dream In Canada & Other Countries Around The World

Apparently Canadians may be lacking self-confidence, according to our dreams.

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An unmade bed.

An unmade bed.

If there's one thing that just about everyone in the world does, it's dreaming. But, that doesn't mean we all dream of the same things.

So, set out to discover the most common dream in every country. And turns out the most popular dream in Canada is of one's teeth falling out. Spooky...

Wondering how the people behind this study got all of their data?

They found out the main language spoken in every country then used Google Translate to discover the word for "dream" in each of the languages. "Then we used Ahrefs to find the dream with the most Google searches in every country and U.S. state. We used DreamMoods to research the meaning of each dream," Mornings wrote.

Turns out, globally, the most common dream is of snakes, to which Mornings explained that "The snake lends itself to symbolic interpretation, but, in the case of some snake-inhabited localities, sometimes a snake is just a snake."

The website's results show that dreams of snakes are said to be especially common across Eastern Europe and parts of Asia and Africa.

Maps of the continents indicating the most common dreams per country.Maps of the continents indicating the most common dreams per country.Mornings

As for dreams of your teeth falling out, the study stated that: "To dream about your teeth falling out might signify a lack of self-confidence or embarrassment about your shortcomings. If you acted calmly in your dream, that might point you towards how to make the best out of any situation."

Dreams of teeth falling out are not only the most popular in Canada, but also in other countries like the United States, Sweden, Norway, Spain, and Australia, among others.

Other common dreams around the world include those of pregnancy, marriage, and ex partners.

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