Who Smokes More Weed In Montreal — Francophones Or Anglophones? This Survey Has An Answer

Have you ever wondered who smokes more weed in Montrealfrancophones or anglophones? A recent survey by Éduc'alcool has an answer to this age-old question.

According to Éduc'alcool's 2020-2021 survey, 31% of francophones use cannabis compared to 22% of anglophones.

Twelve percent of allophones — those whose first language is neither English nor French — use cannabis.

This is compared to 21% of Quebecers who use cannabis overall.

Montrealers also combine alcohol and cannabis more than the Quebec average.

A press release from Éduc'alcool says, "35% of francophones who use cannabis and alcohol together combine the two always or often (vs. 28% of Quebecers overall) [...] The same is true for 26% of anglophones and 29% of allophones who use cannabis and drink alcohol at the same time."

Data for the survey was collected online from August through October 2020, and from February 15 to March 30, 2021. Éduc'alcool surveyed 1,200 people in the Montreal region and a total of 7,600 respondents across Quebec.