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A Video Shows A Montreal IGA Customer Go On A Racist Rant & Shout Abuse At People

The customer uses racist rhetoric targeting people of Asian descent.

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A Video Shows A Montreal IGA Customer Go On A Racist Rant & Shout Abuse At People
Google Maps, Screenshot taken from Reddit

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

A video circulating on Reddit shows someone verbally assailing customers inside a Montreal IGA. The at-times incoherent rant by a customer at a checkout counter includes racist rhetoric targeting people of Asian descent.

"It's about all of this 21 months of bullshit [...] all of this fucking epidemic who became a pandemic, it's because of you Chinese people," the individual shouts in the video, appearing to point at someone out of view of the camera.

They tuck their mask under their chin until someone asks them to put it back over their mouth.

Several people appear to try to intervene over the course of the two-minute video. The customer responds with an expletive, an obscene gesture, mocking and name-calling.

They appear to even raise the possibility of legal action, telling one person that their "family has one of the best lawyers in Montreal."

The video ends as the individual and what looks like an IGA employee withdraw to another part of the checkout area.

"I will never respect all this bullshit going on," the customer can be heard saying.

"You don't respect nothing," the probable employee responds.

The context of the incident, including events that occurred before and after the Reddit video, is unclear. The identity of the person who took the footage is also unclear.

MTL Blog has thus far been unable to identify the customer in the video to reach out for a comment on this story.

A manager at the IGA Louise Ménard on Montreal's Île des Soeurs confirmed that the incident took place inside their store.

In a statement shared with MTL Blog, a representative for the store said management was "incredibly disheartened and upset by the customer's disrespectful behaviour." They said employees asked the customer to leave and contacted local authorities.

"At IGA, we denounce all forms of hate. This is never acceptable," the rep said.

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