Montreal Teachers, Police & Other High-Risk Workers Can Book Vaccination Appointments Soon

Dr. Arruda just announced the news.
Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Quebec's National Director of Public Health, Dr. Horacio Arruda, announced individuals working in high-risk, high-exposure environments will soon be able to book a vaccination on the province's vaccination portal, Clic Santé.

Namely, Dr. Arruda mentioned "personnel of primary and secondary schools, personnel in the milieu of daycare for children, personnel in public security, firefighters, police, detention centres, workers in community services for health and social services, temporary foreign workers, personnel of abattoirs, and personnel in regional mining industries" will be able to sign up. 

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"All vaccines offered in Quebec are safe and effective," highlighted Dr. Arruda. 

Workers in these sectors must provide proof of employment if they want to book an appointment on Clic Santé.

In certain industries and depending on the situation, the government will send a mobile vaccination unit to conduct appointments. 

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