Canada's New Summer Forecast Calls For 'Broiling' To 'Scorching' Temperatures

And a "soggy" season for Ontario.

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The downtown Montreal skyline as seen from across the Saint Lawrence River on a smoggy summer day.

The downtown Montreal skyline as seen from across the Saint Lawrence River on a smoggy summer day.

The Farmers' Almanac has released its summer forecast for Canada, calling for temperatures ranging from "boiling" to "scorching" across much of the country. The almanac's weather outlook is actually more like folk projection (it says its report "is based on a proprietary formula that relies on many factors, including the Moon"...) than an authoritative forecast. But it nevertheless serves, at the very least, as a way for Canadians to gird themselves for the season ahead.

The most intense heat seems to be concentrated in Quebec and the Prairies, according to the almanac. Quebec might have it worst of all. With below-average precipitation to complement above-average temperatures, things could get crunchy.

Between Alberta and Manitoba, precipitation could be above-average, the almanac says. The same goes for Ontario, which could be in for a particularly "soggy" season with normal-sounding (?) "warm-to-hot" temps.

From the Great Lakes to the Rockies, the almanac foresees "occasional bouts of heavy precipitation, primarily from showery rains and big thunderstorms."

The two extremities of the country are both forecast to have dry summers. But while Atlantic Canada could be slightly warmer than usual, B.C. is the only province the almanac forecasts will see normal seasonal temperatures.

Canada at the very least seems to have a better summer outlook than its neighbour. The almanac doesn't use particularly scientific terms in its forecast, but variably describes incoming heat across the southern U.S. as "sizzling," "sweltering" and "oppressive," with "tons of thunderstorms" from the Deep South to Southwest and frequent showers in the southeast.

The forecasts for the northern half of the continental U.S. more or less align with those across the border: average temperatures in the northwest, "broiling" Plains states, a "warm-to-hot" and "soggy" season in the Midwest, and a "scorching" Northeast.

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