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montreal weather

Eastern Canada is bracing for some of the coldest air of the season, as a wave of Arctic chill is set to plunge temperatures from Ontario to Nova Scotia this week, including Southern Quebec. The frosty grip, extending all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico, follows a blizzard in far Northern Canada, where Nunavut saw temperatures plummet into the -40s.

The frigid air mass is part of a polar vortex, a phenomenon that intensifies in winter, wrapping around the Arctic and occasionally sending shivers down to lower latitudes. According to The Weather Network, instability is resulting in a pronounced dip — or 'trough' — out of the Arctic, signalling a brief but intense cold spell for millions of Canadians.

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As winter's chill tightens its grip, the Montreal weather forecast is calling for a particularly messy week. Up to 15 cm of snow is expected in Quebec, marking a shift in weather patterns that could impact daily commutes and general mobility around the city.

Chilly commutes

A wintry system, as forecasted by The Weather Network, is on its way to eastern Ontario and southern Quebec starting Tuesday. The snowy invasion arrives with colder November temperatures, signalling a departure from the relatively milder conditions experienced earlier in the month. Montreal, Ottawa and Gatineau are expected to see significant snowfall by Tuesday evening, complicating the Wednesday morning commute.

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Montreal…winter is here.

Montreal welcomed its inaugural snowfall of the winter season this morning after nearly five centimetres of snow covered the streets and buildings of Montreal. Environment Canada issued a special weather statement earlier this week warning Montrealers of a possible snowfall and the federal weather agency was spot on.

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Montreal could get its first real taste of winter this week. An arctic air mass has ushered in an early winter chill. Now, Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for the province: come Thursday, a blanket of snow is expected to descend.

The forecast goes beyond a light dusting. Southern Quebec is poised to wake up to nearly five centimetres of snow by Thursday morning. The city, which has been basking in the last vestiges of fall, will see a dramatic transition as the snow is set to become wet or change to light rain as temperatures rise throughout the day. The meteorological about-face brings with it a risk of freezing precipitation during the transition, a possible concern for early morning commuters.

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Montreal is set to see a drop in temperatures as an arctic air mass approaches, promising a chilly week ahead. After a mild Tuesday, don't be surprised by the drastic change in the weather starting on Wednesday.

Quebec's quick cool down

The warmth that will hit southern Quebec on November 7 will be fleeting, according to MétéoMédia. It will also likely mark the last time temperatures rise above 10° C for a while. From Wednesday onwards, the region could face more than seven consecutive days of cold weather.

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Winter seems to be making an earlier appearance this year. The Montreal forecast warns of a surge in snow during the initial days of November, meaning Montrealers might be waking up to a winter wonderland sooner than expected.

The Weather Network notes that Canada's transition from record warmth to early winter-like conditions has been abrupt, especially surprising given the warmer-than-normal October most of eastern Canada enjoyed.

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Halloween party-goers in Montreal, your costume choice this weekend might need some last-minute layering. Montreal weather could see temperatures take a dramatic dive that will have you shivering more than any haunted house.

According to Météomédia, a system moving from east to west is expected to influence Quebec's weather from Friday to Sunday. While most of the province will experience rainfall overnight between Friday and Saturday, southern Quebec, including Montreal, will largely be spared from heavy precipitation. However, that doesn't mean clear skies are on the horizon.

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It might be time to ditch the pumpkin spice — hot cocoa season could get here sooner than you think. Environment Canada's recent forecasts suggest the possibility of the city's first snow as early as next week.

The west of the country has seen winter establish its grip early. Areas in the Canadian Prairies were recently treated to about twenty centimetres of snow. Southern Manitoba is currently under a snow warning, suggesting heavy snowfall.

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Montrealers might need to incorporate umbrellas into their Halloween costumes this year. A jet stream has plotted a course that will save the southern parts of Quebec, including Montreal, from the icy grips of an early snowfall. But, while snow might not be on the horizon, rain certainly is.

The jet stream is an air current high in the atmosphere that acts as a boundary between different air masses. According to MétéoMédia, it's positioned in such a way that while the cold and snow will be confined to the northern parts of the province, the southern region will experience a different kind of atmospheric drama.

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Quebec has decided it's not quite done with summer. As chilly winds begin to sweep other parts of the country, the province is refusing to let go of warm temperatures.

The cold that typically blankets Montreal this time of year is taking its sweet time, allowing for a surprising burst of warmth. Over the coming days, cities across southern Quebec will experience mild September-like temperatures, according to Météomédia.

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The month of October is usually synonymous with the start of chilly season. But the Montreal weather forecast this week suggests overcast days coupled with temperatures inching towards the 20° C mark. Montrealers can expect a meteorological mixed bag, starting with a shift from early morning rain to clearer skies.

The week kicked off with early morning rain that should transition into clearer conditions and temperatures reaching highs of 10° C, according to Environment Canada. As night falls, Montrealers might want to grab a jacket with the temperature dipping to a cool 3° C.

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Fall is in full force and the Montreal weather forecast is indicating perfect fall temps as cool and sunny days lay ahead. Despite a bumpy start to the autumn season, with a mix of hot weather followed by non-stop rain, it seems as if Mother Nature is giving Montreal a break to enjoy sweater weather once and for all.

Considering the fall time in Canada doesn't last nearly as long as many of us would prefer, you'll be able to get a true taste of the season this upcoming week.

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