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Quebec Has 'Suspended' Updates On The COVID-19 Situation In Schools To Make 'Adjustments'

There's no word yet on when they'll be back.
Senior Editor
COVID-19 In Quebec Schools: The Government Has 'Temporarily Suspended' Updates

On its website, the government says it has temporarily "suspended" the release of data about COVID-19 in Quebec schools.

"The system for collecting COVID-19 data in schools, which has recently been implemented, is currently being adjusted," it states.

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The updating of documents presenting the overall picture of the situation in schools is temporarily suspended.

Government of Quebec

The site makes clear, however, that communication with parents in the event of a COVID-19 case in their child's school is continuing.

At last count, 70 schools had reported at least one COVID-19 case. 50 more schools had "potential" cases.

There's no word on when the updates will be back.

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