Quebec polling station with the Élections Québec logo visible.

Quebec polling station with the Élections Québec logo visible.

On October 3, Quebecers will take to the polls to decide the makeup of the National Assembly.

While voters might give less consideration to the enormous manpower that drives the process, during election season, Élections Québec, the agency overseeing the voting process, says it becomes the largest employer in the province.

Two months ahead of the election in Quebec, it's already looking to fill hundreds of jobs.

Wages for Élections Québec positions range from $15.68 to $27.92 per hour. Successful applicants will also get paid to undergo training before they step into their roles.

Online, the agency lists six types of positions for which it needs bodies.

Revising agents meet with voters to "gather information needed to confirm changes" to the list of registered electors. They work alongside revising officers, who make those changes after judging applications.

Voter Identification Panel Members verify the identities of voters who don't have proper IDs.

Information Officers (Préposé.es à l’information et au maintien de l'ordre) "supervise operations at polling places, greet voters" and "direct them to their polling stations" under the management of Deputy Returning Officers.

Finally, Poll Clerks (Secrétaires) confirm when each voter has cast a ballot.

To apply, residents need to be Canadian citizens, have lived in Quebec for at least six months, not be under court-ordered care, and not have had their right to vote revoked.

For the first time this year, teens aged 16 and 17 can apply for an Élections Québec job as well.

Applications, including more detailed descriptions of each position, are available online.

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