Although François Legault is currently one of the two premiers in Canada with the highest approval ratings, it doesn't mean that everyone in the province agrees with everything he does.

On December 9, Legault shared a picture of him and Quebec talk-show host Benoît Dutrizac sharing a drink together, not wearing masks. It remains unclear when this actually took place, though.

But, the same day this photo was posted, Quebec sent out a provincial-wide alert on all phones and radios that warned Quebecers that there will be a higher police presence and more tickets for public health violations of between $1,000 and $6,000 will be given out in the coming days.

Commenters on the photo seem nothing short of enraged about the fact that this visual makes it look like the premier isn't following his own government's that forbid gatherings.

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"We thought gatherings were prohibited," one Instagram user questioned.

Many called him out in a similar manner as the person below did.

Another person commented I don't have the legal right to see my grandparents, but you can go on as if nothing had happened?"

Someone ridiculed the premier by saying "no masks [are] required" at his personal bar.

MTL Blog reached out to Legault's office for a comment on the situation. This article will be updated upon receiving their response.

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