A new study conducted by Angus Reid Institute reveals that our dearest Premier Francois Legault is among the most approved of premiers in the country.

He is tied at a 64% approval rating (the highest of all) with the premier of British Columbia, John Horgan.

According to the study, even amid the second wave of the pandemic, "Canadians generally continue to hold positive views of their respective premiers' job performance."

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Yet, the people behind the study say these statistics show that "the days of provincial leaders appearing incapable of doing wrong politically – as they did in the spring and summer – are long gone."

The study reminds us that the pandemic has hit Quebec the hardest in terms of most people infected and most lives lost to COVID-19.

But, "Despite this, Premier Francois Legault continues to be perceived as a fixture of strength, his approval statistically unchanged at 64 per cent."

So, it seems the majority of Quebecers agree with the way Legault and his government have been handling the pandemic.

The premiers with the lowest approval ratings are Jason Kenney of Alberta and Brian Pallister of Manitoba, which have less than the majority of their respective provinces approvals according to the Angus Reid Institute's study.

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