A special guest was invited to Premier François Legault's press conference on December 20: Santa Claus!

Legault directed this conference to kids living in Quebec and shared some great news with them.

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Santa is recognized, by Dr. Arruda, as a priority service, which means [he'll] be able to distribute presents.

Premier François Legault

Although holiday gatherings are forbidden in most parts of the province this year, the premier confirmed that Santa lives in a "green zone" where the virus hasn't been able to make its way into.

And, this means that Santa will still be able to give out gifts to all the young Quebecers on Christmas, as he does every year.

Santa himself let everyone know during the conference that "the magic of Christmas lives on."

During this time, Legault also relayed a message to the children of Quebec, in which he thanked them for all they've done in 2020 and said "congratulations, it hasn't been easy."

And he told them he had one last "service" to ask of them. Since the premier says the year has been hard on everyone, he asks that they "try to be calm" while at home and not to forget to hug their parents.

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