Legault has announced that his government will take 10 days to decide whether or not you'll be able to gather with your family on Christmas in Quebec because the situation of COVID-19 is "not going in the right direction." 

Premier François Legault also indicated that the number of cases and hospitalizations remains high throughout the province, putting more stress on an already strained health network. 

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By December 11

You'll know if you can gather for Christmas

"We need to protect our health system and our health workers," said the premier. 

"I think of them when I ask myself if we can allow gatherings for Christmas [...] we're giving ourselves until December the 11th to make a decision."

Should hospitalizations increase in the coming days, Legault said that it would be "difficult to take that risk" to allow gatherings during Christmas. 

"While we are waiting for the vaccine [...] the next few months are going to be difficult. We are really at the top of the second wave around the world. The virus is very tough."

As of December 1, Quebec has seen a total of 143,548 people infected with COVID-19.

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