46% of Quebec respondents to one survey said they visited friends or family at least once during the holidays.

33% of Quebec respondents to the poll by Leger and the Association for Canadian Studies admitted to visiting others "rarely" — just once.

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visited friends or family at least once

11% claimed they visited friends or family "occasionally" (between two and three times) and 2% said they visited others "often" (more than three times).

The majority, 54% of Quebec respondents, said they "never" visited people in another household.

The answers from Quebec differ only slightly from the national results. Overall, 34% of respondents in Canada said they visited others "rarely," 12% "occasionally" and 2% "often."

The province where residents best avoided visiting others? According to the poll, that appears to be Alberta, where 68% of respondents said they didn't visit anyone outside their homes.

In Quebec, private holiday gatherings were initially allowed but later cancelled by the government in light of increasing COVID-19 case numbers.

Now, with record numbers of cases, the province is reportedly set to go into another lockdown

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