Fake Rock Scientists Are Bamboozling Quebecers With Illegal S(c)hi(s)t & Geologists Are Quaking

It isn't rock science, people... oh wait, it is.

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An actual geologist takes samples in Australia.

An actual geologist takes samples in Australia.

Dozens of people are being investigated in Quebec for the evil practice of pretending to be a geologist, and rocks everywhere are living in fear.

OK, not just rocks. Within Quebec's professional sphere of geology, this issue is a big deal — big enough that a total of 60 individuals and 10 legal entities are being investigated for violating the laws that protect geology as a skilled practice.

The Ordre des géologues du Québec (OGQ) revealed these numbers in a recent press release, which detailed that, as of February 2023, the OGQ held nine case files representing 855 violations of the Professional Code and Geologists Act.

This means 70 individuals and entities are responsible for nearly 900 violations of geologist honour and legal tradition, which is significantly more than one might have assumed prior to reading this press release.

The specific offences the OGQ is upset about include the illegal practice of geology, illegal use of the title of geologist and incitement to the prior two offences. These extremely nefarious activities are seen as "derogatory to the profession and subject to severe disciplinary action," according to OGQ president and REAL geologist Serge Perreault.

The OGQ, through its code of ethics, is "the only professional order in the applied sciences" that specifically finds violations of the Securities Act and of Québec and Canadian environmental law to be problematic for the profession, according to Perreault. This begs the question: what myriad science frauds are being let slide by other, less stickler-y applied science organizations?

Are there fraudulent fish scientists, phony forensics analysts or bogus biologists wandering around Quebec? And how many? One can only imagine.

"All our actions are guided by our duty to protect the public by supervising the practice of geologists and our engineering colleagues who voluntarily join OGQ and overseeing professional practice in geology," Perreault continued.

"Geologists are the guardians of responsible resource development. Their input and expertise are essential to resource development projects. The practice of geology must meet the highest standards of quality and integrity," he stated.

And there's plenty of material that proves that geology is useful when used fraudulently, otherwise there wouldn't be nearly 400 cases of illegal practice of the subject in Quebec. The number of illegal uses of the title of geologist is also shockingly high, counting nearly 170 instances.

For reference, the OGQ only represents 1,400 total professionals. This means the number of fake rock scientists is up to five per cent of the total protected rock scientist population, which is certainly a threat to the ecosystem.

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