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This Town Near Montreal Makes You Feel Like You're On The Set Of 'Gilmore Girls'

It looks exactly like Stars Hollow!
This Town Near Montreal Makes You Feel Like You're On The Set Of 'Gilmore Girls'

We can all admit that driving down the 401 is possibly one of the most boring drives in the country. Just because there may not be lots to look at, doesn't mean there aren't some amazing places along the way. One of those places that's totally worth the stop in Gananoque, Ontario.

Home to just 5,160 people, it's a small town with big heart.

And less than three hours from Montreal, it's perfect for a day trip or an unbelievable fall weekend getaway.

Pronounced "Gan-ah-NOK-way," or as the locals say, "Gan," this quaint town just west of the Ontario-Quebec border is part of the breathtaking 1,000 Islands. 

How can you be sure there are really 1,000?

Don't worry — someone already counted so you don't have to.

In fact, it's known as the "Gateway to the 1,000 Islands."

And a gateway it definitely is.

Not just a gateway to the natural beauty all around the town, but to the charm and the history of Gan.

The town boasts some gorgeous buildings that'll make you feel like you've stepped back in time, like the Ganonoque Inn & Spa or the Thousand Islands Playhouse, located right on the water.

In fact, the CBC once called it "The most charming theatre in Canada."

Currently, there are no productions playing for the season, but alas, the building itself is an absolute spectacle. 

The show must go on, as they say!

Speaking of talent and creativity, Gan is also home to some incredible artists of all varieties. You can wander through the many galleries or stumble upon live music that will be ringing throughout the streets.

If you're looking for somewhere to stop and take it all in, stop at the Gananoque Brewing Company which makes for the perfect place for a refreshment and to relax and recharge. 

Just when you thought this town could get any more amazing, you could take it to new heights with 1000 Islands Helicopter Tours, which no doubt offer some of the most incredible views and a chance to take in all of the fall foliage.

You could also take many boat tours in the area that'll take you all around the shoreline and also dips down toward the upstate New York part 1,000 Islands, where you'll see the stunning Boldt Castle.

But if you want to get more down-to-earth, just like the town itself, you can soak it all in at one of the gorgeous parks, the marina or even visit Half Moon Bay.

And yes, there's a gazebo or two around.

Because is it really a small town without a gazebo?

The town is spectacular at all times of year, but becomes absolutely magical when the leaves start to change. 

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