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Here's How Much The SQDC Sold In Only 16 Weeks & How Much Profit It Made

Here's How Much The SQDC Sold In Only 16 Weeks & How Much Profit It Made

Quebecers are getting high and that means the Société québécoise du cannabis' (SQDC) profits are, too.

In fact, the latest numbers from the SQDC show that the agency sold $173 million worth of product in its third quarter, between September 13, 2020, and January 2, 2021.

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That's $62.2 million more than the same period of the previous year... but considering everything that's going on (or lack thereof), we're barely surprised. 

Plus, in the same timeframe, the SQDC opened 11 new points of sale, bringing the total to 56 stores.

Just how much is $173 million worth of cannabis, you may be asking? The SQDC recorded a whopping 28,254 kg of legal cannabis sold in the province.

$159.2 million of sales were done in-store, totalling 26,239 kg of cannabis.

Interestingly, $13.8 million worth of cannabis was sold online in roughly over 170,000 online purchases. That equals 2,075 kg of cannabis being shipped to customers.

Congrats to the SQDC for getting high — high sales, that is.

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