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A new report by Sotheby's International Realty Canada found that the sale of luxury homes in Montreal skyrocketed in the first half of 2021, as did the sale of condos

"Overall, the City of Montreal saw 990 $1 million–plus residential real estate transactions," including condos, attached and single-family homes, "in the first half of 2021, an increase of 112% from the same period in 2020," the report states.

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Kraft Dinner's Instagram account got a lot of reactions in April when it announced the launching of "KD cheesy essential oils." This time, it's not an April Fools prank — six new flavours of Kraft Dinner just arrived in Montreal and they are far from your average mac n' cheese flavours.

Among the new flavours are some perfect for fans of spicier foods such as ghost pepper, jalapeño and Buffalo wings.

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A Montreal bar has come up with a creative and delicious solution to extended Quebec red-zone closuresBar Le Mal Nécessaire is now offering boozy donuts inspired by its own cocktail menu — and the flavours are incredibly accurate! 

Evan Cowie of Le Mal Nécessaire told us about the new alcohol-infused, cocktail-flavoured donuts. He calls them "Boozy Beignes."

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Quebecers are getting high and that means the Société québécoise du cannabis' (SQDC) profits are, too.

In fact, the latest numbers from the SQDC show that the agency sold $173 million worth of product in its third quarter, between September 13, 2020, and January 2, 2021.

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Health Canada has issued a recall on two styles of candle holders sold at Urban Outfitters in Canada, citing the potential for a fire hazard that could cause injuries and property damage.

The joint recall was publicly issued on December 23 with URBN Canada Retail Inc., which owns brands including Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People. 

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New year, new you, same stylish city. With 2021 upon us, it's the perfect opportunity to reinvent ourselves and support some amazing local Montreal brands.

Whether it's just an addition to your existing collection or starting from scratch, you're in good hands when it comes to Montreal fashion.

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Next up on the list of things that'll make you say, "Wow, this year really is going by faster than I thought:" Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Montreal are just around the corner. And while this year will definitely be different than others, the deals and finds are just as amazing.

And living in a city like Montreal, you know there are some incredible spots all over the city for all of your shopping needs.

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Being in such a creative and passionate city, we've got some incredible companies in Montreal from a variety of categories to check out and you're bound to find your new favourite brand.

Even if you have Amazon Prime, it's always a prime time to support local and check out some local Montreal businesses.

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A campaign has been launched by a Montreal man named Steve Maman. The car salesman was doing business in Iraq when he, and some others who had contacts on the ground, devised a plan to free woman and children from being sold as sex slaves.

While in captivity, many of them suffer from abuse and malnutrition, they are held in cages and sold like cattle to Isis fighters and other militants. These children are as young as 8 years old and the brutality they suffer is unimaginable. They spend their lives being bought and sold over and over again.

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