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Kids From Quebec Asked Santa & Premier Legault The Questions We Were All Wondering Today

One young Quebecer wanted to know if getting the vaccine hurts.
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Kids From Quebec Asked Santa & Premier Legault The Questions We Were All Wondering Today

During the Government of Quebec's press conference on Sunday, Santa and Premier François Legault were faced with their toughest journalists yet: children from Quebec.

Various kids took to the mic to ask the two men some hard-hitting questions — some that even us millennials were wondering.

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Is it still possible to leave a cookie and a glass of milk for Santa?

Raphaël, 7

To start off, we found out that yes, you can still leave Santa milk and cookies this year.

Simon, a child of 9-years-old, asked if we should "leave a bottle of Purell" next to the cookies and milk we leave Santa. But Legault let them know that wouldn't be necessary. But, the premier let all the kids of the province know they must still stay two metres away from Santa — so they should stay in their rooms if they hear him.

"You don't want to contaminate Santa Claus," Legault said.

Ten-year-old Maxime wanted to know when they'll be "allowed to see their grandparents." Santa reassured them that the pandemic will "calm down" eventually and "once [everyone] is vaccinated and protected," we'll be able to see our grandparents again.

A young Quebecer named Zoey then asked Santa what his favourite Christmas song is, which led the one and only Santa to start singing "Petit Papa Noël."

Another younging wanted to know if Santa had been vaccinated and whether or not it hurt. Santa claims it "doesn't hurt at all."

The final question was whether the North Pole "was in a red zone," and Santa confirmed that it's a "green zone" and that there's "no virus there."

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