Laval's Centropolis Is Closing Streets To Create One Giant Terrasse

Terrasse season has finally arrived.
Laval's Centropolis Is Closing Streets To Create One Giant Terrasse

Although restaurants in most of Quebec have been open for a while now, Montreal-area residents had to wait until Monday, June 22 for the highly-anticipated reopening of their favourite local joints. To celebrate, Centropolis Laval has decided to take full advantage of the newly-arrived terrasse season by transforming the Promenade du Centropolis into a pedestrian street to welcome the new "Terrasses Éclatées." From June 22 until the end of September, it will no longer be possible to drive around the famous fountain between the restaurants.

It's a simple concept but will be super useful for downtown Laval merchants.

Restaurant owners will be able to expand their outdoor spaces onto the Promenade du Centropolis to accommodate more customers while respecting social distancing rules.

The Centropolis will thus become a giant terrasse for one summer only.

After such a long break without our favourite restaurants, the mall's official website recommends that everyone make reservations to avoid long lines on sunny, busy days.

It's also important to note that not all Centropolis restaurants will be opening their doors on Monday, June 22.

While the Balthazar was impatient and dared to open its doors at midnight for more enthusiastic customers, some restaurants such as La Belle et la Boeuf announced an opening in the late afternoon at 4:00 pm.

Other places, such as the Randolph Pub Ludique, will only open on June 24. So it's worth calling before you go.

Gatherings and loitering will not be permitted in the space.

Centropolis will be reserved for patrons of its various establishments to minimize crowds.

And though restaurants are finally opening their doors, customers shouldn't expect a full return to their dine-out experiences before the health crisis.

Restaurants will have to follow strict new rules established by the Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST) to protect customers and employees, alike.

Two-metre social distancing will of course continue and eateries will also have to establish "one-way traffic flows" nd install floor markings where necessary.

The transformation of the Promenade du Centropolis is just one example of local businesses' adaptations to the current circumstances.

More developments like this are sure to follow.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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