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A Summer Carnival Is Opening In Laval & It's Just Like The Ones You Went To As A Kid

You can go on rides and pig out on cotton candy. 🍭

Summer is in full swing in the Greater Montreal area as life slowly begins to feel a little more normal. If you're looking for something a little different than La Ronde, this is your chance to try out the Fun Show Amusement Fair, a summer carnival in Laval, that will be held at the Centropolis from July 15 to August 8.

Anyone who visits the fair is sure to have a vibrant, colourful evening — just like the ones you had when you were a kid.

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Particularly enchanting at night, the amusement park offers about twenty rides, inflatable games, games of skill and mobile snacks. It's perfect for an exciting evening out of the ordinary.

To bring a date, to stuff yourself with cotton candy or simply to get your hair messed up on one of the many attractions, it will cost you $35 for a full day or $2 per coupon. Note that a small ride costs three coupons, and a large ride costs four coupons.

If you miss your chance at Centropolis, the carnival moves to the Metropolitan Flea Market from August 12 to 15, and to Place Vertu from August 19 to 29.

The Fun Show Amusement Park in Laval

Cost: $35 one-day wristband

When: July 15 to August 8

Address: 2888, ave. Du CosmodĂ´me, Laval, QC