As measures intensify to manage the third wave of COVID-19 in Quebec, many of us are wondering if we'll ever return back to normal. Premier François Legault, however, is optimistic that we'll return to a "certain normalcy" by June 24. 

In a press conference on April 15, the premier outlined three specific reasons that will help the province achieve its goals: the end of school, vaccinations, and the arrival of summer heat.

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Legault admitted that "schools are a place of contagion," but that the end of the school year is likely to contribute to reducing the spread of the virus. 

As for vaccinations, the government is still holding fast to its goal of getting the first dose of the vaccine to anyone who wants it by Saint-Jean Baptiste and the premier hopes that this will be a major factor in our return to normal. 

Finally, he concluded by saying that "the warmth will come with summer," which he said could reduce the risk of contagion. 

However, no conclusive link between high temperatures and a decreased risk of contagion seems to have been established by the scientific community so far.

There are 70 days and counting until we return if this timeline is to be believed. 

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