Maripier Morin Has Spoken Out For The First Time Since Disappearing From The Spotlight

In a letter posted to Instagram, Maripier Morin shared her first public message since retreating from the spotlight following allegations from Safia Nolin of sexual harassment.

Those allegations were part of a province-wide movement this summer to denounce sexual assault.

"I have chosen to take a moment today because I think it's important to share with you where I have been," the October 19 Instagram post reads.

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I try every day to become a better version of myself.

Maripier Morin

"The last few months have been marked by a new awareness. The path is difficult but necessary," Morin wrote.

"Necessary because for some years now I have had life habits that don't reflect the person I want to be and [...] I have disappointed people, which I deeply regret."

She explained that she has "spent the last few months working on [her] recovery, surrounded by professionals."

Morin also suggested that she aims to return to her professional life. She said she's "continuing to develop the awareness necessary for [her] evolution and the gradual resumption of [her] professional activities."

"Two words accompany me on my journey," she wrote earlier: "responsibility and honesty."