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Maripier Morin and Jean-Philippe Perras.

Maripier Morin and Jean-Philippe Perras.

In a Thursday morning Instagram post, Maripier Morin announced she is pregnant and due to give birth in two weeks.

She used the post to reflect on her feelings on the cusp of motherhood.

"For 9 months, I've been taking care of myself, to take care of you," she wrote.

"With each little (or big) blow you give, my heart cracks with love. Anxiety and worry are already making me have insomnia. But what prevails is the enormous gratitude I feel for having the ultimate privilege of carrying life."

The experience, she added, has led her to consider her relationship with her own mother, Marie-Claude, who she described as a role model. Leaving home at 12, she said, "did not cut the invisible umbilical cord that links" the two.

She recounted how her mother had three children by the age of 30 and still managed to accompany her kids to their extra-curricular activities while working full time and pursuing her own interests.

"On the verge of becoming a mother myself, I am filled with fear. Will I be able to live up to it, to your standards?" Morin asked in the post.

"I think the answer is yes, because you will be there. To guide me, to help me, to hold my hand as you have always done so well."

She said she's also reassured that she and her partner, Jean-Philippe Perras, are heading into parenthood "as a team."

An accompanying photo shows a Polaroid snap of Morin standing in a sweater and underwear revealing her pregnant belly.

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