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McDonald's Canada Has A New Chicken Sandwich Specifically Designed To Make You Crave It

We'll be the judge of that.🍗

McDonald's Canada sign. Right: New McDonald's Canada McCrispy chicken sandwich.

McDonald's Canada sign. Right: New McDonald's Canada McCrispy chicken sandwich.

McDonald's Canada has announced a new menu item that, by its own admission, is designed to make you keep coming back for more.

The new McCrispy sandwich, as the fast-food company promises in a press release, "will deliver the taste you know and love, and features a delicious recipe designed with the intention of maximum craveability, ingredient harmony and guest enjoyment."

It's said to be "made with 100% Canadian-raised seasoned chicken breast, cooked to keep the breading crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, and topped with shredded lettuce, mayo-style sauce and served on a soft potato bun."

Other than the potato bun, it's not clear how it's that different from the existing McChicken, a McDonald's classic also with breaded poultry and mayo. But whatever.

"We know guests love our classic chicken menu items, and we are excited to launch a new craveable crispy chicken sandwich," McDonald's Canada Brand Strategy Marketing Director Rebecca Smart said in the release.

"The new McCrispy delivers on the great taste our guests have come to expect from McDonald's, and we believe this sandwich is truly 'Mc-worthy', and we can't wait for Canadians to try it."

New McDonald's Canada McCrispy chicken sandwich.New McDonald's Canada McCrispy chicken sandwich.CNW Group/McDonald's Canada

The McCrispy costs CA$5.99.

For an additional $1.70, Canadian McDonald's customers can order the sandwich with bacon and a slice of tomato to make it what the company calls the "next level" juicy McCrispy Bacon Deluxe.

The sandwich is available nationwide at participating McDonald's, on the app and through delivery services as of August 22.

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