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10 Local Dishes To Try If You Think The Best Part Of Any Meal Is The Sauce

Perfect for when you're literally feeling saucy.
10 Local Dishes To Try If You Think The Best Part Of Any Meal Is The Sauce

Over the past year, more and more people have become aware of the importance of supporting local businesses.

Whether you're shopping for handmade clothes that fit your new WFH lifestyle, ordering takeout from a small restaurant or picking out farm-to-table ingredients for dinner, we've become increasingly aware that buying local is good for our communities. 

If you want to be more informed when it comes to your everyday shopping and eating habits, the Aliments du Québec au menu program lists more than 600 restaurants that promote Quebec products on their menus.

Through the program, you can easily search which restaurants near you use local products for your next takeout order.

The list includes all types of establishments: independent businesses, local cafés, microbreweries and even large chains — but it's the delicious homemade sauces lovingly concocted by the restaurants in the Aliments du Québec au menu program that really steal the show.

From wings smothered in mouthwatering bourbon BBQ to burgers doused in boozy beer sauce, these local dishes are perfect for anyone who thinks that sauce is basically life.

Les 3 Brasseurs

Featured Sauce: The beer sauce

Why You Need To Try It: Les 3 Brasseurs has created a seriously delectable homemade sauce using drinks brewed directly on site. It's a unique blend that you won't find anywhere else.

The Dish To Order: To tide you over until official BBQ season, the Traditional Burger is made with a Quebec beef patty served with all the summer toppings you could ask for: a slice of dill pickle, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and of course, Les 3 Brasseurs' must-try beer sauce.

Toujours Mikes

Featured Sauce: Their pasta and pizza sauce (also available in grocery stores)

Why You Need To Try It: Comforting and downright delicious, Toujours Mikes' sauce has that special something that makes you want to eat it straight from the jar.

The Dish To Order: The Duetto All-Dressed Pizza is the perfect way to enjoy this sauce (and two of everyone's favourite foods). Pairing pizza and spaghetti, this meal comes with a choice of homemade salad, Caesar salad, fries, waffle chips or Bolognese spaghettini.


Benny & Co.

Featured Sauce: BBQ sauce

Why You Need To Try It: There’s something about the secret sauce from Benny & Co. that's completely addictive, and it's nothing like the other BBQ sauces you usually find in restaurants.

The Dish To Order: The locally-raised roasted quarter chicken is perfect with the BBQ sauce, but you can enjoy it on a whole other level if you throw it on your poutine. The melting cheese curds complement the sauce in the best possible way.


SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology

Featured Sauce: The BBQ and burger sauce

Why You Need To Try It: SHAKER Kitchen and Mixology's homemade sauces have been popular among Quebecers for many years. The burger sauce adds a unique touch to the restaurant's gourmet burgers. This sauce can be found in five creations from the Burgers section.

The Dish To Order: While the sauce mainly comes on burgers, you can also try it by ordering SHAKER Kitchen and Mixology's famous baby back ribs. They're served with fries and a choice of jasmine rice, vegetables, green salad, Caesar salad or sweet potato fries.


Restaurant Normandin

Featured Sauce: The spaghetti sauce (also available in grocery stores)

Why You Need To Try It: If you want a meal that reminds you of your grandmother's best recipes, Restaurant Normandin's mild and comforting spaghetti sauce is a must.

The Dish To Order: Get the spaghetti if you're looking to sit back, relax and enjoy a homemade-style sauce. You can order it for takeout, or purchase a jar if you prefer to make your own Italian dish at home.


La Piazzetta

Featured Sauce: The Pomodoro pizza sauce (also available in grocery stores)

Why You Need To Try It: It's made with real Italian tomatoes, ideal for anyone craving authentic pizza!

The Dish To Order: The Chorizo and Cheddar Cheese Curds Pizza is made with products provided by local businesses Les Viandes Biologiques de Charlevoix and Maison Orphée. The cheese curds come from the Fromagerie Champêtre in Repentigny.


La Cage - Brasserie Sportive

Featured Sauces: The Hot Sauce 911 and the Bourbon BBQ (also available in grocery stores)

Why You Need To Try It: Whether you prefer something mild or intense, one of these two options will please your taste buds.

The Dish To Order: The Chicken Wings 911 are a local Quebecois delicacy and one of the best ways to enjoy this spicy sauce — especially during a Habs game. Or, if you're in for a relaxing movie night full of binge-watching, try the ribs with Bourbon BBQ sauce.


Restaurant Valentine

Featured Sauce: The poutine sauce (also available in grocery stores)

Why You Need To Try It: Restaurant Valentine has been a top choice among Quebecers since 1979 thanks to their incredible poutine sauce.

The Dish To Order: Quebec's Famous Poutine is loaded with local flavours that are so comforting and delicious, it'll have you making a detour for Restaurant Valentine every time you're in the area.


Hamburgers Dic Ann's

Featured Sauce: The secret gravy sauce (also available in branches)

Why You Need To Try It: Slightly spicy and totally decadent, the super-popular Dic Ann's sauce is definitely a staple of Quebec.

The Dish To Order: You'll find Dic Ann's secret gravy sauce on the Classic Cheeseburger and Mustard Burger.


Coco Frutti

Featured Sauce: The Hollandaise sauce

Why You Need To Try It: Smooth and tasty, this sauce is slightly sour and pairs perfectly with brunch.

The Dish To Order: Start the day off right with the Florentine Eggs Benedict. It's served with spinach, cheddar cheese and homemade roasted potatoes.


Whether you prefer spicy BBQ on chicken wings, tangy beer sauce on a burger, or light and airy Hollandaise smothered all over your eggs benedict, you can douse your food knowing that each of these sauces is proudly and locally made by businesses near you.

So go ahead and dip, drizzle or drench your way to your sauciest life.

To learn more about restaurants that use local products for your next takeout order, check out Aliments du Québec au menu's website, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.