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11 Places In Montreal That Serve Desserts The Size Of Your Head

Because you eat with your eyes, too!
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11 Places In Montreal That Serve Desserts The Size Of Your Head

Montreal is a pretty sweet place: Sweet views, sweet history and lots of sweet treats. And because we take food and art very, we've got lots of options for dishes that are as beautiful as they are delicious. Because let me tell you, Montreal desserts are an absolute art.

With lots of restaurants in town from all over the world, the options are endless. No matter what language you speak, we all know the language of dessert.

If you're like me, you don't just have a sweet tooth... They're all sweet teeth.

And if there's one thing I've come to know about dessert is that it's not just yummy and satisfying, it's a full-on experience.

That's why when you see something that looks oh-so-scrumptious, all of your senses come to life. And yes, dessert is an absolute feeling.

So because I'm such a confectionary-connoisseur, I decided to take a look at some of the most delectable and delicious creations around the city to share with you.

Just the list though — I don't share desserts.

C'ChoColat Lounge

Address: 1255, rue Bishop, Montreal, QC

Starting off the ultimate chocolate dish, the chocolate dome at C'ChoColat Lounge is as exciting as it is delicious. Since opening its door just five years ago, it's become an absolute classic in the Montreal dessert game.


Juliette et Chocolat 

Address: Check website for multiple locations

Is it really a dessert list without this Montreal staple?

According to the site, Juliette, herself, claims that since she was young, she thought chocolate was "magical". Couldn't agree more! Now it's one of the most magical and delicious places in the city.


Chocolats Favoris 

Address: Check website for multiple locations

This chocolate shop also serves liquid chocolate and ice cream.

Imagine going up to the counter and saying "I'd like a chocolate ice cream, with chocolate sauce, chocolate balls, chocolate sauce and chocolate brownies." The dream.



Address: 6778, blvd. St Laurent, Montreal, QC

Probably the most upscale spot on the list, Ratafia is a wine and dessert bar that takes desserts to a whole other level.

Not only are they delicious, but they make you feel classy when you indulge in that sweet treat.


Bonbons Noix et Cie 

Address: 436, ave. Victoria, Saint-Lambert, QC

Across the water in Saint-Lambert is this amazing candy shop that even Willy Wonka would go to.


Meet Fresh 

Address: 1805, rue Saint-Catherine O., Montreal, QC

Meet Fresh is a spot that does Taiwanese desserts. For such a small country, they make huge desserts with mega-flavour!



Address: Check website for multiple locations and open dining rooms

Another Montreal destination for amazing desserts, Rockaberry has been bringing mouth-watering pies and cakes to MTL for years. It's so good, you'll keep going back for juuuuusstttt one more slice.



Address: 3813 A, rue St-Denis, Montreal, QC

Run by two ice-cream-loving sisters, it's a great place to go on a hot summer day... But because this is Canada, I know you'll be there in the winter, too!

You can travel the world with international-inspired creations that let you satisfy your sweet tooth and your travel bug all in one bite.


CA LEM Creamery 

Address: 6926, rue Sherbrooke O., Montreal, QC; 4223, rue St Dominique, Montreal, QC

Sometimes you get desserts that are almost too beautiful to eat (although it'll definitely be worth it).

CA LEM has got lots of great ice creams and sorbets for you to try.


La Diperie 

Address: See website for multiple locations

Another Montreal treasure, La Diperie has been serving some of the best dips that you get to help create. It's so popular that they've even started opening up in Toronto, but we know we do it better.

Right now, you can make your own chocolate bar, too.


Les Papi Churros 

Address: 1201, rue Saint-Catherine E., Montreal, QC

Anyone who's ever had a churro knows that they're sweet doughey and muy deliciosos. How do you make them even better? Turn them into ice cream cones.


Summer 2020 just got a whole lot sweeter!

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