These 2 Montreal Trainers Are Going To Tell You How To Stay Motivated Right Now

Lauren Kaplan and Yaz Cisse shared their secrets about working out with us.
These 2 Montreal Trainers Are Going To Tell You How To Stay Motivated Right Now

Working out is not something that everyone loves to do. While some people live for a good workout, others need a little help when it comes to getting their body moving and staying motivated. Montreal has some amazing trainers who available to inspire you and help you feel good about your body.

We spoke with two of those trainers, Yaz Cisse from Yaz Body Shop and Lauren Kaplan, an ambassador for lululemon and the face behind on Instagram. 

Lauren is a well-known spin instructor in Montreal. Her passion for exercise has given her clients a fun and effective way of working out.

Yaz is a Montreal local who began his journey as a hockey player. He then became a personal trainer and is now the founder of Yaz Body Shop. His hardcore techniques and motivational attitude produce real results with his clients. 

MTL Blog got a chance to speak to both of these trainers about getting and staying motivated, misconceptions about working out, and the best ways of staying active throughout the summer. 

Answers have been condensed and edited for clarity.

How can you get exercise without feeling like it's strenuous work?

Lauren: It has to be something that you enjoy doing and are having some fun with. Your workout should allow you to challenge yourself without feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

In my spin classes, I incorporate fun music, words of motivation and encouragement, silly stories, and dance moves on the bike. And just people forget that they're working out.

Yaz: The first step is just to get moving. Pick an activity that you enjoy and try to build on that. Get accustomed by incrementally increasing intensity. 

During the summer, what's the best way of staying active without a gym?

Lauren: If you're able to access a gym or equipment, go for a walk, run, bike outside, swim. Take advantage of the outdoors. Do stairs one day to switch it up, more hills, a bike ride with friends, or do laps in a pool. 

Yaz: The best way is to find a routine that works for you and stick to it. Whether it be an outdoor sport, bodyweight exercises with bands, and dumbbells outside.

What would you tell someone who's looking to start their fitness journey?

Lauren: If you're first starting to workout, first of all: be proud of yourself.

Don't pressure yourself or rush yourself. Remember that you're just starting and may not be doing what others are doing. Listen to your body. 

If you don't find some enjoyment in the workout, if it doesn't match your personality, try something new.  

Yaz: It starts with developing self-discipline. Don't cheat yourself plain and simple. You can't out-train a bad diet.

Start slowly with basic changes in nutrition. Don't give up and don't get discouraged. We're different after all and working out doesn't come naturally to everybody. 

What do you think the biggest misconceptions about working out are?

Lauren: That a workout has to be serious and no fun. 

A workout isn't any less of a workout if you're having fun during it, if you're smiling during it and if you're singing and dancing during it. 

Yaz: A lot of women think that lifting light weights will make me bulky. Most women aren't physiologically capable of building that much muscle and those who are, would need to train intensively with very heavy weights.

Working out is more about body transformation, but you need a good diet. We won't achieve the desired aesthetic effect without that. 

What advice can you give to people who don't feel like working out? How can people find motivation?

Lauren:Make a schedule and put the workout in your calendar like you would an appointment or a meeting. It'll keep you accountable.

When you're not totally in the mood to workout, put on your workout clothes. Once they're on, you're going to want to change.

Yaz: It has to come from within. Sometimes if we just try that one thing we think we hate, we can actually end up pleasantly surprised that we were able to achieve the "impossible."

Motivation increases as you progress and see the gains. The hardest part is starting.

I hope this helped motivate you, Montreal.

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