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5 Affordable Ways To Completely Revamp Your Closet In Montreal

Reinvent your style without having to break the bank.
5 Affordable Ways To Completely Revamp Your Closet In Montreal

One of the best parts of a new season is getting to revamp your wardrobe, which is especially true in a fashionable city like Montreal.

But don't worry if the thought of a whole new style makes your wallet sweat with anxiety — there are lots of affordable ways to add some flair to your fashion without spending a fortune.

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From second-hand clothes to end-of-season sales, you'll be walking the streets of Montreal like the runways that they are in absolutely no time... not to mention you'll get to impress your friends with your frugal skills.

Check Out End Of Season Sales

Where: In-store or online

Why You Need To Check It Out: You may be cleaning out your closet and changing your look and so are your favourite stores.

Check Out Thrift Stores

Address: Various spots throughout Montreal or online

Why You Need To Check It Out: Thrift shops aren't just affordable, but they're also a great way to watch your environmental footprint.

Buy Luxury At A Fraction Of The Price

Where: LXRandCo (Online)

Why You Need To Check It Out: If you like brand name items, but not brand name prices, this is definitely a website you're going to want to bookmark.

Put Your Clothes On Consignment

Where: In-store, Online

Why You Need To Check It Out: Consignment stores are great places to find cheap clothes and make a few bucks while you're there.

Buy Clothes Towards Charity

Where: Online

Why You Need To Go: Charity Closet Montreal is a local company where Montrealers can donate their clothes for people to buy and the money goes toward a variety of charities.

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