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5 Montreal Apartments For Rent Under $1000/Month That Come With A/C (PHOTOS)

Air conditioning is a must with summer heat on its way.
5 Montreal Apartments For Rent Under $1000/Month That Come With A/C (PHOTOS)

July 1 will be here before we know it, which means it's likely that many locals are looking for new apartments for rent in Montreal right now. And what's the most important thing to have in your home when summer hits? Air conditioning. 

This is why we put together a list of apartments on the rental market right now for $1000/month or less that come with A/C, to help locals prep for both moving day and the summer heat all at once.

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Studio With Exposed Brick Wall


Price: $950/month

Address: 623-2, rue Prince-Arthur E., Montreal, QC

In a city like Montreal, finding a spacious studio like this for $1000/month is a rare occurrence, so act fast if you'd like to make this your new home!

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All White Studio


Price: $900/month

Address: 1155, rue Guy, Montreal, QC

This cute little spot is perfect for anyone looking to live alone right now. It comes with a clean bathroom, A/C and a nice big window for natural light.

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1 1/2 With Balcony


Price: $995/month

Address: 2100, boul. de Maisonneuve O., Montréal, QC

This apartment comes with both A/C and a balcony, so you'll be able to take in the heat outside and then cool off inside whenever you please. And as an added bonus, the listing says you get one month free.

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Spacious Apartment With Tons Of Natural Light


Price: $868/month

Address: 2885, ave. Barclay, Montreal, QC

At this unbelievable price, this apartment is basically a steal. And you'll have lots of space to walk around and take in the cool air from your A/C.

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Studio In Lachine


Price: $975/month

Address: 725, 30e Avenue, Montreal, QC

If you're cool with living in Lachine, this cozy spot could be a perfect fit for you. Besides the beauty of having air conditioning, there's also on-site laundry, which is always a plus.

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All of the listings in this article were available at the time of writing but are subject to change.

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