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Real Estate

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After months and months of continued increases, totalling more than $200 in price hikes since January, the average Montreal rent for an unfurnished one-bedroom apartment fell by $22 in July. This places the new average at $1,517 per month. That average only crossed over the $1,500 threshold in June, according to recentreports from

The months-long price increases in Montreal were largely echoed in the Vancouver and Toronto housing markets, according to the full report. This isn’t necessarily comforting — all three cities are in active housing crises. But unlike Montreal, both cities saw average rents increase in July, says.

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Montreal is home to some exquisite real estate and with luxury homes selling like hot cakes, this remarkable penthouse might not be on the market for too long.

The unit is located in Outremont, right beside Mont-Royal — basically making it real estate platinum. And while its location is certainly remarkable, the historic building it lies within is what truly makes it a one-of-a-kind spot.

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Forget the housing crisis, forget rising rents and renovictions, forget endless lines to visit the same "cozy" second-floor walk-ups. Now imagine you're a multi-millionaire cruising Quebec for the perfect pad to host your ragers and conduct your business. Perfect! Now you're ready for the $35 million mansion that tops Point2's list of expensive homes in the entire province.

View from the first-floor pool.View from the first-floor pool.Joseph Montanaro

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Buying a home for sale in Montreal requires a completely ridiculous amount of wealth, according to a new report from Using a calculation of June 2022 mortgage rates, average home prices and property taxes, the mortgage broker compiled estimates of the annual income residents in 10 Canadian cities need to buy a local property.

In Montreal, the income estimate is a whopping $110,900, up 17% ($15,830) since March.

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If the last few years have taught people anything, it’s that loving where you live really matters. More than just a place to rest your head, your home should be somewhere that adds something extraordinary to your life. And right now, in downtown Montreal, a brand-new rental building is taking this mission to heart.

Located on the corner of René-Lévesque and de Bleury, Le Livmore is an elegant residential rental property that might be described as "bursting at the seams" with unique perks, except that every single one — from the sauna to the pet spa — is perfectly designed to fit.

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RE/MAX has released its housing affordability report for the first half of 2022, ranking the most affordable cities in Canada based on analyses by brokers in 24 markets across the country — Quebec excluded. The report also includes a Leger survey on Canadians' outlook on real estate.

The report states that, for 64% of survey respondents, relocation is seen as a "top sacrifice they'd be willing to make in order to achieve housing affordability." Though many wouldn't go very far — RE/MAX says half of those people wanted to stay within a 100-kilometre radius.

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Nestled between buildings on one of Montreal’s picturesque residential streets lays a brick home with teal accents that invites you into its airy wooden rooms.

This property, built in 1885, formerly housed a bed and breakfast, perfectly suited to travellers with its many bedrooms. Now, the home is split into two apartments: first, at 3945, avenue Laval, a sprawling three-story dwelling with seven bedrooms and three bathrooms; second, at 3949, a comfortable one-bedroom apartment with its own office space.

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That chill in the air isn't an early sign of the approaching autumn, that's just the first hint of a cooling Montreal real estate market — sort of, maybe (*fingers crossed*). Royal LePage has released its quarterly House Price Survey and forecast, projecting more price increases but noting a "slowdown" in sales. The company also offered anecdotal evidence that Bill 96 has become a factor in some buyers' plans — at least, unsurprisingly, in the old anglo citadel that is the Montreal West Island.

Bank of Canada interest rate hikes, local Royal LePage broker Marc Lefrançois said in a release, have led buyers to "seriously reassess their financial capacity" and "reduced their enthusiasm and slowed down demand for properties in June."

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For Montrealers trying to find an affordable apartment to rent, July’s increased prices may be discouraging.

In June, the average cost for an unfurnished 3 ½ in Montreal was $1464, according to a report on the average rental prices in Montreal published by Now, barely one month later, the average has increased by nearly $75 to $1539/month.

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In the market for a home to call your own? Well, with housing prices on the rise in Montreal, finding a space that both fits your needs and that you can actually afford isn't an easy task.

Luckily, there are still a few affordable homes on the Island of Montreal, though they tend to be far from the city centre. But this $350,000 two-bedroom, two-bathroom single-family house is located in the Hochelaga–Maisonneuve neighbourhood.

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Montreal's housing situation is so bad that the city has been firmly knocked from its once-respectable spot on global real estate affordability lists. But the Institut de recherche et d’informations socioéconomiques (IRIS) asserts there are three myths — around how we compare to other cities, current housing supply, and governments' role in the situation — that overshadow the full extent of the local housing crisis.

A new IRIS study not only counters misconceptions about how Montreal sizes up against other cities, whether more houses should be built, and if the government should be considered a housing "saviour," it also underscores how those beliefs could be harming the future of the housing market.

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Montreal homes for sale that cost less than $500,000 are very few and far between, and with Montreal home prices jumping (yet again) it can often seem impossible to find something both spacious and affordable.

Well, this townhouse for sale in Montreal-Est is not only roomy, spanning a total of nearly 2,000 square feet, but it's hella affordable, too.

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