5 Montreal Spots With Sweet Japanese Treats For A Little Bit Of Happiness Right Now

Savour these desserts to the last crumb.
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5 Japanese Dessert Spots In Montreal To Check Out For A Little Happiness Right Now

In Montreal, Japanese dessert-makers are taking the game to new heights. Who can resist their lavishly creamy pastries and sweets that beckon from bright windows?

Throughout the city, there are pleasant doorways to welcoming dining areas, where a feather-light slice of cake can be yours, along with pockets of steamed bread served with sweet or savoury fillings and bubble tea on the side.

Then there’s mochi, glutinous rice flour, which is made into a sticky dough and used to craft refined little packages called daifuku, filled with chocolate, red bean paste, or ice cream.

They make for exquisite mouthfuls that provide unique textural experiences: silky but gritty, firm but squishy, slimy but nice.

Here are our picks for some of the finest Japanese bakeries in the city.


Address: 1418 rue Crescent

Why You Need To Go: Tsujiri, the 160-year-old Japanese chain that specializes in matcha teas and desserts, opened on Crescent last year to rave reviews.

Cool & Simple

Address: 5757 chemin Saint-François

Why You Need To Go: Cool & Simple is a premium frozen goods store in the Montreal area and it has a wide variety of chilled desserts, including a mochi ice cream bar.

There are plenty of other flavours too!


Address: 1455 rue Peel

Why You Need To Go: Yoko is one of the finest Japanese dessert shops in Montreal.

It offers a wide selection of chewy, colourful, and tasty treats but it's known for their cheesecake, which is deliciously tender and light.

Uncle Tetsu

Address: 1408 rue Pierce

Why You Need To Go: Fluffy, jiggly and layered with flavour, Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese cheesecake is baked with tender-loving-care.

Matcha Zanmai

Address: 1428 rue Mackay

Why You Need To Go: Matcha Zanmai uses matcha sourced from Japan and offers traditional matcha tea, matcha lattes, matcha ice cream, parfaits, and cakes.

Ezra Black
Contributing Writer
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