6 Montreal Struggles I Will Never Complain About Once This Is All Over

Long lines to dine in at La Banquise? Don't care. I'll wait all night.
6 Montreal Struggles I Will Never Complain About Once This Is All Over

New waves and variant strains of the coronavirus in Montreal continue to rear their ugly heads, while Montrealers reminisce about little things they miss that they once took for granted.

Here are six #MTLthings I'll never complain about again when the pandemic finally goes away.

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Late public transit

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If you're a student or don't have a car in Montreal, you're acutely aware of the struggle of waiting for an STM bus or a delayed metro that never shows up.

Trust me, I do not miss it — and it'll be hard to resist complaining even once during a post-pandemic winter — but I'll welcome the chance to be outside with somewhere to go after being holed up at home for almost two years.

A long line-up at a Montreal restaurant

Paul Mckinnon | Dreamstime

If you thought waiting times at Montreal restaurants were bad before the pandemic, you may not be happy when they're even longer post-pandemic.

With public health protocols likely put in place for the next few years in Canada, restaurants may operate at reduced capacity upon their reopening, causing longer wait times.

However, I won't complain — I'll be ecstatic to dine in a restaurant at all.

A sweaty bar or club

It sounds gross — but I miss Montreal's old days when the city's favourite activity was drinking in a dark room with a hundred other people and some loud Drake track.

I'll never complain about waiting in line for a club again. Just kidding! I totally will not be seen waiting in a club line. But I'll never complain about expensive drinks or sweaty crowds again.

The Old Port when it's chock-full of tourists in the summer

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I'll never complain about tourists in Montreal again. In fact, I'm so deprived of human interaction, I'll TALK to total strangers. I'll even career pivot and become a tour guide, a hotel manager or a flight attendant — who cares about a university degree when you can travel the world?

JK — I probably won't do that. But instead of complaining about our American neighbours gawking at our familiar sights, I'll gawk along with them.

Montreal music festivals being ultra-chaotic

I will never, ever complain about the mess that is a music festival in Montreal ever again. Mosh pits? I'll welcome them.

Drinks spilled on our cute clothes? I won't welcome them, but I won't have a fit of rage when they happen — because accidents happen when you're allowed to be around other people.

Working out in Montreal

Gyms closed almost immediately at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in Quebec, and working out at home is virtually impossible for many of us.

The city rejoiced when Quebec reopened red-zone gyms this March, with Montrealers everywhere salivating at the thought of actually moving their bodies. I'll never complain about being able to work out ever again in a post-pandemic Montreal... no matter how much my legs hurt the next day.

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