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6 Montreal Struggles I Will Never Complain About Once This Is All Over

Long lines to dine in at La Banquise? Don't care. I'll wait all night.

New waves and variant strains of the coronavirus in Montreal continue to rear their ugly heads, while Montrealers reminisce about little things they miss that they once took for granted.

Here are six #MTLthings I'll never complain about again when the pandemic finally goes away.

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5 Totally Absurd Things Montreal Has Spent Money On Over The Years

From electric race cars to entire islands, the city hasn't been shy about splashing cash.

We all like to spend our money on silly stuff sometimes. And that's why the City of Montreal is known for many things: good food, beautiful parks, and totally absurd projects that cost several millions and sometimes billions of dollars. 

Montreal has a rich history of financial blunders that are arguably equal levels of hilarious and completely depressing. 

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16 Tattoo Ideas Inspired By Montreal Artists, Based On Your Pandemic Personality Type

How else were you planning on commemorating this wild time?

Tatted-up Quebecers know that when it comes to new ink, the hardest question to answer is, "What should I get next?" With Montreal tattoo artists' waitlists overflowing due to COVID-19 delays, we know you want to book your post-lockdown tat ASAP. We're here to help.

Since tattoos are a reflection of your personality, why not use your pandemic personality to guide the tat that will commemorate this experience? Researcher Dr. Mimi E. Lam from the University of Bergen in Norway recently identified 16 'COVID-19 personality types' to explain how we've all dealt with the virus in our own unique ways — we took 'em and ran with 'em as inspiration. 

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If You're Bored, Try Watching This Hidden Gem Quebecois Netflix Show

It has rave reviews!

If you're bored at home on New Year's — and, let's face it, you are — you might just be desperate enough to watch a TV show you've never heard of.

We promise this home-grown Netflix series is actually really good, having garnered excellent reviews in The Globe and Mail, Bustle and on Rotten Tomatoes. It also won a Banff Rockie Award for "Best Drama Series: Foreign Language" and a Gémeaux Award for "Best Direction - Comedy."

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The Montreal Metro Etiquette Everyone Should Follow: Winter Edition

If your slushy boots get anywhere near me, we will have words.

While Montreal is a wonderful city to live in, our winters are harsh and our metro commuters are even harsher. Sometimes, it's as if people on the Montreal metro act like jerks on purpose, put on this planet specifically to annoy you while trying to get to work at 8 a.m. having only woken up less than an hour ago. 

Really, we've all been in a situation where a fellow commuter just has the worst metro etiquette imaginable, and somehow, that annoyance compounds when the temperature drops below zero. 

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7 Quebec Swear Words You Need To Know To Get Through The Winter

It's here ☃️... tabarnak!

With winter coming up, Montrealers are bracing themselves for their annual dose of Quebec winter depresso (seasonal sadness sounds cuter when you liken it to coffee, doesn't it?) — and sometimes there's nothing to do but swear about it.  

When Quebec gets hit hard by winter — which inevitably happens every year — we usually begin the hibernation process, emerging only to enjoy sporadic winter activities, such as skiing or snowboarding, Nuit Blanche and Igloofest.

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