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7 Things You Have To Do In The Eastern Townships This Summer

Roadtrip, anyone?
7 Things You Have To Do In The Eastern Townships This Summer

The Eastern Townships is one of the most-visited regions in Quebec. With picturesque streets, gorgeous scenery and history looming around every corner it makes the perfect getaway. Luckily for us Montrealers, it's less than two hours away from the city. So really, we have no reason not to hop in a car and go explore for the day.

And although it's a great place to visit year-round, summer is truly the Eastern Townships' time to shine.

The best part? There's always more to discover. You know an adventure is good if you don't even want it to end... Or at the very least, you're already planning your next trip back.

Because just when you think you've found your new favourite thing to do here, you find something new and even more exciting.

And that's the true beauty of travelling.

So the next time you're looking for a spontaneous adventure or the perfect spot for a weekend getaway, here are some of the ways you can explore the best of the Eastern Townships.

Lac Memphremagog

Address: Magog, QC

Lac Memphremagog is the ultimate destination for a mix of relaxation and adventure. Dive right into swimming, kayaking or stand up paddleboarding.

Or, just hang out on the shore and be overcome by its sheer beauty.


Bleu Lavande

Address: 891, Chemin Narrows, Stanstead, QC

This lavender field in the Eastern Townships is one of the best examples of somewhere being so naturally elegant.

Lose yourself in the gorgeous fields, stop by the boutique for lavender-infused products or spend the afternoon for one of the most beautiful picnics you've ever been on.


Sherbrooke Street Art

Address: Sherbrooke, QC

As Canada's arts-capital, we know good art when we see it. And Sherbrooke is filled with amazing street art.

Wander the streets to discover your new favourite mural or take a guided tour to learn more about the artist and the mural-scene in the city.


Café Hubert Saint-Jean

Address: 1627, rue King O., Sherbrooke, QC and 4797, blvd. Bourque, Sherbrooke, QC

For that cuppa' joe you need in the morning or for that mid-day-pick-me-up, head to Café Hubert Saint-Jean. It feels as homey as it tastes delicious.

One of the oldest in the region (opened since 1923, to be exact), the team takes coffee and fair trade production very seriously.


Val Caudalies

Address: 4921, rue Principale, Dunham, QC

This beautiful vineyard on the Route des Vins is the ideal spot for seeing the best of the region's natural beauty and gastronomical innovation. You can spend hours wandering through the grounds or take in the views with a drink in hand.


Forest Lumina

Address 135, rue Michaud, Coaticook, QC

Make your way through Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook in this amazing immersive, multimedia experience. The trail is more than 2.5-kilometres long with more and more magic along the way.


Au Diable Vert

Address: 169, Chemin Staines, Glen Sutton, QC

The ultimate destination for getting the most out of Quebec's summer adventures, Au Diable Vert is a great choice for all types of outdoor activities.

Whether it's rafting down the river or hanging with some amazing animals, the site has anything and everything to "get back to nature."


Parc National du Mont Mégantic

Address: 189, Route du Parc, Notre-Dame-des-Bois, QC

The fun doesn't stop just because the day is over. Mont Mégantic is a beautiful park in the day, but at night it becomes one of the top places to go stargazing in the country.


Enjoy your roadtrip.

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