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7 Spots You Need To Explore Next Time You're Taking A Stroll Along Avenue Duluth

Duluth is hands down Montreal's PRETTIEST avenue.
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7 Spots You Need To Explore Next Time You're Taking A Stroll Along Avenue Duluth

Montreal is filled with some pretty amazing streets. I mean DUH-luth. You already knew that. But for those who are looking for the road less travelled, head over to Montreal's avenue Duluth for some of the coolest spots in town.

Walking up and down some of Montreal's streets totally capture the city perfectly: so much to see, so much to do and so much to taste.

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And you never know what could pop out and surprise you.

When you think of Montreal's busiest streets, you probably think of Sainte-Catherine, Saint-Laurent or even Sherbrooke (they aren't all saints).

But one of the best parts of our city is that it's filled with lesser-known gems that are totally worth checking out.

Like avenue Duluth.

Found in the trendy Plateau-Mont-Royal borough, ave. Duluth is filled with lots of cool stores, cafes and restaurants.

Oh, and lots of street art.

You can also take the road between two of the city's most popular parks, Parc Jeanne-Mance and Parc La Fontaine to get the full experience.

Plus it won't be as busy as some of the more popular streets so lots of room to explore.

And trust, me there's lots for you to discover.

Aux Iles Bleues

Address: 900, ave. Duluth E., Montreal, QC

Craving some creole food? Or don't know what it is and want to give it a try? Head over to Aux Iles Bleues for some authentic Creole dishes. Plus, it's BYOB.


L'Gros Luxe 

Address: 451, ave. Duluth Ave E., Montreal, QC

L'Gros Luxe is known for its affordable luxury and warm vibes. There are locations all over town, including on Duluth. The menu is amazing and just look at the drinks.


Magasin Général Lambert Gratton

Address: 4051, rue de Bullion, Montreal, QC

Located at the corner of Bullion and Duluth this gorgeous general store is totally worth checking out. You can find some absolute gems, like furniture from the 50s and products from all over Quebec.


Café Chat L'Heureux 

Address: 172, ave. Duluth E., Montreal, QC

Here, kitty, kitty! This place is the perfect place for all the cat-lovers out there. Or for anyone who's looking for a good cup of coffee. Or just a snuggle.



Address: 159, ave. Duluth E., Montreal, QC

Everything from hemp clothing, vaporizers, glass pipes and all of the smoking accessories you need, Utopia is an absolute utopia for all of your smoking needs. And it's always service with a smile.


Address: 351, ave. Duluth E., Montreal, QC

This gorgeous boutique is everything that Montreal fashion should be: simple, sophisticated and always chic. You can find everything from fashion items, gifts perfumes and more.


Street Murals

Address: all around ave. Duluth

Montreal is filled with colourful streets — literally and figuratively, especially thanks to incredible street art.

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Hope you have a nice colourful walk down one of Montreal's prettiest avenues!

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