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A Huge New Rooftop Terrasse Is Coming To Montreal's Griffintown Neighbourhood

It will have amazing views of the city.
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A Huge New Rooftop Terrasse Is Coming To Montreal's Griffintown Neighbourhood

If there was one thing missing in Montreal's Griffintown neighbourhood, a lot of you might say that there are few spots to hang out on a terrasse in the summer.

And even though summer drinks on a terrasse seem like a distant memory, there's no reason not to get excited about our end-of-winter reward of carefree terrasse days. 

The folks over at MTRPL, a Montreal-based real-estate development firm, have conceptualized an exciting new project in Griffintown at the border with Little Burgundy: a huge rooftop terrasse and office space that will be the talk of the town once it's all ready. 

We spoke to Bryan Spatzner, co-founder of MTRPL about this new addition to the Sud-Ouest. 

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The building will be multifunctional and innovative

Located in the building that was formerly owned by the Salvation Army at 1620 Notre-Dame O., the "1620 NDO" as dubbed by MTRPL, has been transformed into a multifunctional office space that aims to become an innovation hub for local companies. 

"We sort of pride ourselves on taking vacant, or under-managed buildings and bring them a new lease on life, so to speak," said Spatzner.

Though MTRPL got a lot of negative press for purchasing the building from the Salvation Army, Spatzner said that he wishes they had stayed on as a tenant. 

"[The Salvation Army] felt that the area was no longer profitable for them because of so much gentrification that's happened and they left us high and dry," explained Spatzner. 

"It's not a condo project, you know? Cities are living, breathing things that are constantly evolving and the last thing we want is to live in a city where there's no development at all." 

What kinds of businesses will be there?

From advertising firms and tech companies to CrossFit gyms, much of the space has been already leased according to Spatzner. 

"Right now, the office component is almost finished." 

The main attraction for future business owners, however, is the large main floor space combined with the huge rooftop terrasse. 

Ideally, MTRPL hopes to bring in a restaurant or another similar business to occupy the vacant space. 

"We're trying to find a visionary who could make something fantastic out of that big space," he said. 

When can we use the terrasse?

With winter just around the corner, Montrealers won't be able to use the terrasse for another little while. 

"This 4,000-square-foot rooftop terrasse has views unlike anywhere else in the city," said Spatzner. 

"As far as I'm aware, we're the only building with a rooftop terrasse of that nature in the entire Sud-Ouest." 

When the terrasse is finished next summer, Spatzner hopes that Montrealers will be able to enjoy the space thanks to the businesses in the building. 

For example, a CrossFit gym in the building is planning to host summer classes on the rooftop. The rooftop will be available to host weddings or film shoots, as well. 

"My hope is that we find the right tenant who is able to capitalize on that rooftop and through their business, gives the public access to this amazing terrasse," said Spatzner. 

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