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A Montreal Health Care Worker Is Begging People To Remember That 'COVID Has Not Gone Away'

Dr. Sara Ahronheim's post has gone viral.
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A Montreal Health Care Worker Is Begging People To Remember That 'COVID Has Not Gone Away'

As the province of Quebec slowly starts to deconfine and the weather gets nicer, continuing to follow the public health guidelines is seemingly getting more difficult. And Dr. Sara Ahronheim, a Montreal health care worker, took notice of many locals failing to properly follow guidelines. Afterwards, she sent out a plea on Facebook begging everyone to remember that the pandemic is not over.

"Covid has not gone away," the health care professional started off by saying.

She then tells the story of driving home from one of her shifts at the Jewish General Hospital, where she works in the COVID-19 unit, and getting a glimpse of many people participating in gatherings of more than 10 people.

"On Saturday on my way home I saw groups of sometimes 20, 30 people, men women and children, all close together without masks."

Then, the next day, Dr. Ahronheim "saw people in restaurants picking up take out, no distancing, no masks."

This deeply concerned the doctor, who also works as an Assistant Professor at McGill University.

"Perhaps all of you believe that because the premier of Quebec said parks, pools, stores, daycares can open, that this means that there is no risk."

"I PROMISE YOU THE RISK IS REAL," Ahronheim reminded everyone.

Upon getting permission from Dr. Ahronheim herself, we have shared her important message with you below.

The Facebook post was directed at all her "neighbours, community members, friends, family."

In speaking out to everyone, she reminds the community that the virus remains contagious and we can continue to catch it.

"You or your friends, or your children, will catch this virus. You may not get very sick, you may remain asymptomatic."

"But you will breathe on, talk to and spread droplets, hug or otherwise interact with someone who will end up in the ICU or even dead."

The medical professional went on the remind everyone of the reality of COVID-19 and its potential to spread.

"That person could be your husband, your mother, your diabetic best friend, your neighbour with metastatic cancer."

"That person could be your child."

Dr. Ahronheim reminds everyone in her message that hospital workers will take care of anyone who catches the virus, but says "don’t be fooled - we aren’t seeing less cases right now. We are seeing many. And we are at risk every single day."

She concludes by saying "please, I implore you: stay safe. Keep yourself, your families and therefore me and my family, safe.:

"The fight is not over and the road will be long. Patience."

Shared to Facebook on May 31, the doctor's post has now received over 5,800 shares and more than 2,100 likes.

As told to MTL Blog, Dr. Sara Ahronheim hopes that "the people of Montreal go outdoors, enjoy the season, while continuing to follow the guidelines of wearing masks in public and social distancing as much as possible."

Stay safe.

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