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YUL Have To Follow These New Rules Next Time You Use Montreal-Trudeau Airport (VIDEO)

There are a lot of steps.
YUL Have To Follow These New Rules Next Time You Use Montreal-Trudeau Airport (VIDEO)

Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) has outlined its plan to provide a healthy and safe environment for travellers. As pandemic restrictions begin to relax across the country, federal and provincial health agencies need to make sure that the Montreal-Trudeau airport is safe for the public. ADM has partnered with various government agencies ahead of the inevitable reopening of international borders to prepare airport facilities for an influx of travellers. 

"The health and safety of our passengers and employees have always been at the heart of our priorities," said Philippe Rainville, President and CEO of ADM.

"For this reason, ADM has set up a multifunctional workgroup, [...] to reconcile best practices in public health, including in the air transport industry." 

As a result, travellers at YUL will notice a dramatic change in how things operate. The airport's new "Travel With Confidence" program will gradually be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Lucky for you, ADM also provided a sneak peek.

Here's what to expect next time you visit the Montreal-Trudeau Airport.

"We believe that these new measures, in combination with the ones already in place and increased passenger vigilance will significantly limit the spread of the virus in our facilities and will make travellers want to come back to visit YUL," said Rainville. 

Upon Arrival At The Airport 

The first thing customers will notice is that only Gates 4, 11, and 25 will be open for terminal access. 

Wearing a mask is mandatory upon entering the airport. At each gate, travellers will need to wash their hands and be subject to a health questionnaire and temperature reading. 

Only travellers and employees will be allowed to enter the premises.

You'll only be allowed inside with a mask and if you submit to the same health controls if you need to help a person with limited mobility or are accompanying a minor. 

In The Terminal 

Sections that passengers use will be cleaned 10 times a day and trolleys will be disinfected after each use. Again, wearing a mask is mandatory. 

Route markers will indicate which direction people should walk in. Hand sanitizer dispensers will be installed. 

Shops and restaurants must respect the sanitary rules and will only allow a limited number of customers at a time. 

There's no word yet on when international borders will reopen, but stay tuned for that news!

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