La Diperie Now Lets You Make Your Own Chocolate Bar Creation & The Options Are Endless

Better than Build-A-Bear.
La Diperie Now Lets You Make Your Own Chocolate Bar Creation & The Options Are Endless

La Diperie has been satisfying the sweet tooth of locals since its inception in 2014. Best known for its soft served ice-cream that's dipped in whatever your mind can imagine, this spot is more than a "normal" ice cream parlour. From its cupcake milkshake to the ice cream sandwiches, La Diperie is always thinking of new ways to satisfy its customers with the coolest sweets.

And, now, with its new "make your own chocolate bar" is just another reason why you should be checking them out over the summer. 

Its website says its "objective is to create a gathering place to please the most demanding connoisseurs and passionate food-lovers" and that's exactly what the company strives to do.

There are 30 different flavours of chocolate to pick from and there is a choice of 25 ingredients to add to your tasty custom treat. From dark chocolate and pretzels to white chocolate and lucky charms to truly make it your own. 

And, La Diperie confirmed with MTL Blog that you can officially build your own chocolate bar at all of its 40 locations.

Just watch this magical creation...

Not only does this allow you to get creative with your chocolate bar, but it is a great way of trying out new flavour mixtures throughout the summer. 

This sweet spot also makes a ton of other goodies including ice cream sandwiches, hot lava cake, profiteroles, ice cream cake, Russian affogatos, and cookie dough.

If someone is a major fan of all things sweet, La Diperie is one of those spots you are going to want to check out.

[rebelmouse-image 26884952 photo_credit="Courtesy of La Diperie" expand=1 original_size="851x1047"] Courtesy of La Diperie

It has always been a go-to for myself because of the countless options of treats they offer. 

[rebelmouse-image 26884953 photo_credit="Courtesy of La Diperie" expand=1 original_size="1051x1280"] Courtesy of La Diperie

With all of La Diperie locations in Montreal, you'll never have to go a day without ice cream, milkshakes, or chocolate bars this summer.

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