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Montreal Public Health Wants Quebec To Reopen Gyms Under Certain Conditions

It also made several other recommendations to relax some of the rules.
Montreal Public Health Wants Quebec To Reopen Gyms Under Certain Conditions

The Direction Régionale de Santé Publique of Montreal (DRSP) claims that some red-zone restrictions have negative effects on the mental and physical health of citizens — so it's asking the provincial government to relax them, a DRSP spokesperson confirmed in a phone call.

Health officials are currently studying the recommendations listed in a 12-page document.

Among the recommendations, the DRSP — headed by Dr. Mylène Drouin — proposed reopening gyms and sports training centres for individual practice in Montreal. The DRSP did not promote reopening fitness centres for group classes.

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We're worried, the same way Dr. Drouin and others [are]. We are very worried about the perverse effects of confinement. 

Dr. Horacio Arruda, in a press conference on November 5

The DRSP also requested the reopening of Montreal theatres, museums, and other cultural centres, such as The Biodôme, with a capacity of 25 people.

Another suggestion the DRSP made is allowing indoor gatherings between residents from two addresses.

It’s unclear whether Quebec will adapt red-zone restrictions based on the DRSP’s suggestions.

Premier François Legault reiterated today that single-person visits to Quebecers who live alone are currently permitted.

He also announced that his team is "evaluat[ing] the possibility of allowing meetings between two people in all cases." 

In a press conference on November 4, Quebec public health director Dr. Horacio Arruda said reopening sectors prematurely still poses a high risk.

“On the one hand, we want to be more flexible to restore hope and predictability, but we generate so many cases that our care system is going [to suffer]," he said.

"Balance [...] is difficult, and there is no precise recipe.” 

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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