Montrealers Can Get Free Coffee Just By Recycling Their Old Coffee Bags & Here’s How

Ethical Bean will accept any bag from any brand.
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Montrealers Can Get Free Coffee Just By Recycling Their Old Coffee Bags & Here’s How

April 22 marks Earth Day, which means it's a time for Montrealers to give back to the planet in return for all it does.

It's also a reminder of the importance of practicing sustainability every day — Mother Nature doesn't get a day off and neither should we!

That's part of what makes Ethical Bean's coffee bag-return program so cool. In celebration of Earth Day and the Earth every day, the 100% Fairtrade organic coffee company wants to give Montrealers a free bag of beans in exchange for 12 empty coffee bags. They'll even accept any bag from any brand.

Send bags, get beans. It's that simple.

Why is this great news for Montrealers? Because we're a city that loves our coffee.

With its European influence and characteristic je ne sais quoi vibe, Montreal has a unique coffee culture that rivals those of cities like Portland, New York City and Melbourne.

Fun fact: according to the Canada Food Guide, coffee can be considered one of four healthier drink options (in moderation, of course). In other words, some might say that many Montrealers are health-conscious, sustainability-minded coffee connoisseurs. Now that's a title we'll gladly own.

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However you slice it (or, in this case, sip it), Ethical Bean's bag-return program means a whole lot of responsibly roasted coffee coming your way.

All you have to do is mail in 12 empty coffee bags to Ethical Bean's head roastery (located in Vancouver, B.C.). Next, Ethical Bean sends the empty bags to TerraCycle, which is a zero-waste company that recycles hard-to-recycle materials including coffee bags.

TerraCycle cleans, shreds and pelletizes the plastic to integrate it into products like park benches. Talk about reduce, reuse, recycle!

"Most coffee bags are multilayered packages made from a combination of paper and plastic. The components cannot be easily separated, which is why coffee bags are typically considered non-recyclable," says Shaye DiPasquale, from TerraCycle.

"By offering a recycling solution for their product packaging, Ethical Bean is giving their customers the chance to really think twice about what is truly garbage and what can be given a second life."

If you decide you don't want your free bag of beans, Ethical Bean will donate it to the food bank by their roastery, and they'll match your donation.

Give beans, or get beans. Either way, it's a win-win for Montrealers and the environment, and a way to help Ethical Bean in their mission to make everything about coffee better. 

Whether you opt for whole bean, ground or 100% certified compostable pods, Ethical Bean's rainbow of roasts honours biodiversity and sustainable waste management.

Moreover, all of their coffee is 100% organic. No harmful chemicals mean no negative impact on local water quality, ecosystems and livability.

It's not only in Ethical Bean's DNA, it's also part of their commitment as a Bullfrog Power partner to reduce their emissions footprint. By purchasing 100% renewable natural gas and green fuel for their vehicle fleet and roastery, Ethical Bean has displaced 938 tonnes of carbon to date.

That's a whole lot of carbon, though probably no match for how much coffee Montrealers consume (ba dum tss!).

Whether you're a nonstop or novice coffee drinker, there's something for everyone with each of Ethical Bean's eight specialty roasts, made in and shipped from their roastery in Vancouver. Montrealers can be sure to count on a Canadian-roasted cuppa that does good and feels good — on Earth Day and every day.

Ready to recycle your old coffee bags in exchange for a free bag of Ethical Bean coffee? Here's how:

  1. Mail or drop off 12 empty coffee bags to Ethical Bean's head roastery (the bags can be Ethical Bean or any other coffee brand).

  2. Ethical Bean sends the empty bags to TerraCycle (recycling experts), who find ways to integrate them into products that are already in production, like park benches.

  3. Ethical Bean mails you a free bag of coffee. If you don't want the free bag, you can choose to donate it to the food bank (and Ethical Bean will match the donation).

To learn more about Ethical Bean's recycling program and coffee, check out their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

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